7 Rook Lane

7 Rook Lane
: E.D. Degenfelder
: E.D. Degenfelder
: 313
: Fiction : Mystery
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7 Rook Lane, a newly released mystery and third novel in this exciting series by E.D. Degenfelder. A suspenseful thrill ride, in which we again meet characters Madeline Abbott and Detectives Scott Cooper and Isabelle Morales. In this, third of the series, following Unkindness Of Ravens and Gate 6...Murder at Black Oaks , , Madeline’s life is once again disrupted by danger, murder and chaos.

A long shuttrered and decaying old mansion. Eerie sights and sounds. A young woman missing for decades.
Madeline Abbott, thrilled at the chance to restore the huge old house at 7 Rook Lane, gets much more than she bargained for.
Ghostly apparitions and sounds have the men in Madeline’s crew terrified. She’s unsure what to do…because she’s seen and heard it, too. When a worker suffers a gruesome death the question on everyone’s lips: Is this house haunted?

She struggles to keep herself and her people working, while her friends, Los Gatos Detectives Cooper and Morales investigate. Strange occurrences continue, and it becomes clear Madeline and her crew are not wanted in the house on Rook Lane.

Cooper and Morales discover evidence in the very cold case of a young and beautiful woman, missing for years. Is there a link between this woman and what’s happening at the old mansion? Following a complex trail of clues, they discover a bizarre and sad story of lost love, horrific murder and madness.

This book is the third in this series, however, each book is a stand-alone novel with no cliff hangers.

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