: Deborah Wygal
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: Kids : 4-8
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When Grandma comes from London to visit her American grandsons for Easter, she always brings a bag of hats and puppets to play with. But there is more in store than they bargain for this year. At long last the story of the Easter Bunny. He makes a surprise visit when Grandma falls asleep and one of the boys pulls a live rabbit out of a hat. In this whimsical tale, the boys follow the rabbit’s paw prints to a magical land. They meet the charming Carrot Top Kids, crybaby Little Chick, boorish Freddie the Frog, wise Ollie the Owl, and Heady the Hen who lays the eggs. The rabbit with big feet can't hop like other bunnies. He learns to believe in himself, and with a little help from his friends, overcomes insurmountable odds when a fox steals the eggs.

This is a poignant and humorous tale, where the rabbit with big feet learns to hop and a grandmother lovingly passes on traditions to her grandchildren. She herself is nothing but a big kid at heart who enjoys puppets and playtime. She inspires her grandchildren to always believe in the magic of Easter and the bunny who delivers the eggs.

“I hope you always believe,” says Grandma as she hugs Teddy and whispers in his ear, “night, night, my little love sleep tight.”

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