: Drew Avera
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: Fiction : SciFi
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From the pages of Pew! Pew! Volume 1 comes the "semi-true" story of one man against the universe; or maybe it's the other way around...or maybe it's best if we don't put labels on it. Either way, "gli+ch" is the latest offering from bestselling author Drew Avera, creator of The Alorian Wars and The Dead Planet Series. So, take that universe... Oh, and just to clarify, "semi-true" means totally made-up. Enjoy!

Ben has a problem with authority… and people… and life in general. Lady luck has never smiled his way, but things are finally about to change. Maybe.

The great war may be over, but that didn’t stop Ben from getting his left arm ripped off in a training accident. Now, discharged from the military with a twitchy cybernetic replacement, he’s at rock bottom, looking for any opportunity to start over.

Just when he’s contemplating whether or not he can use his robotic arm to strangle himself, he sees an ad promoting a new mining colony on Europa. A new life, good pay, and respect await him if he can just get there from Mars. The hot girl in the ad may have helped, too.

With a rickety ship, an amorous android, and only a fraction of a prayer, he sets off to leave the only world he's known in pursuit of riches.

But space isn’t a place for the weak, or the terminally unlucky, and when calamity strikes right out of the gate, Ben starts to think getting to Europa may take a farking miracle.

If he makes it, and if his luck doesn't kill him, then he'll finally get what's coming to him. He better just hope he can handle it.

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