Blind Faith: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 2)

Blind Faith: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 2)
: Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 0
: Fiction : Drama
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Rachael Hart, eldest daughter of the Hart family, founders of Aspen Falls, had begun to lose hope of ever marrying and having a family when William Bly, a former suitor returns to town, proclaiming his love and asking for her hand. Her hopes burgeon, only to be cruelly dashed when she learns she's going blind. Her fiancé is having second thoughts, while Rachael struggles to accept the prognosis.

Does William stand by Rachael during her time of trouble?

Can Rachael learn to adapt to her declining vision?

Will she regain her zest for life and trust in others?

Rachael's confidence is challenged by her failing eyesight. Even worse than losing her sight is the fear that she will become a burden to her family. Betrayal, despair, and hopelessness rock Rachael's world, until a one-handed man named Martin returns to Aspen Falls, offering her the support and stability she's yearned for.

Historical western romance short story series.

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