Tricks and Bricks Germany The Expat Guide to Renting

Tricks and Bricks Germany The Expat Guide to Renting
: Rob Lederman
: 20
: Non Fiction : Business
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One doesn't have to be in Germany very long to realize that when it comes to renting Germans do it very differently. If the language barrier wasn’t enough the whole culture around how renting works here is completely different. From bringing your own kitchen to a landlord who refuses to return your deposit. It doesn’t need to be a nightmare.
This is why I wrote this short but comprehensive guide.

Inside you’ll discover

•Warm and Cold rent???
•Tips on getting a place in a completive market like Munich or Berlin
•What paper work to bring to a viewing.
•The handover procedure moving in: what you need to do
•Living there problem free
•The handover procedure moving out
•Help my landlord wants me to renovate the whole place before moving out
•What to do when your landlord won’t return your deposit
It covers everything you need to know in 20 short pages

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