The Cookie Cutter Legacy: a multi-generational novel

The Cookie Cutter Legacy: a multi-generational novel
: Deb Graham
: 265
: Fiction : General
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In this warm Christian historical fiction, Henrietta, a tough 95+-year old North Dakota cattle rancher, weakened from a bout of pneumonia, comes to live with her great-niece in rural Oregon, bringing the family treasure with her.
From the time of Queen Elizabeth I, each generation of the Van Demere family has added a cookie cutter to the collection, marking milestones, passing down their oral history. Each cookie cutter’s vignette tells a story of American history, including WWII spies and the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and Underground Railroad, indentured servitude, pioneers crossing the plains and the gold rush, barnstormers and orphan trains, safari and the Titanic, testaments of faith and strong women through generations. Henrietta feels a bounden duty to pass the stories to Jerria. Will she complete the family heritage before it’s too late?

If you love warm, clean, multi generational stories with a Christian viewpoint, you’ll love The Cookie Cutters Legacy by Deb Graham.

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