The Bucktown Babies (Father Gunter, Demon Hunter Book 1)

The Bucktown Babies (Father Gunter, Demon Hunter Book 1)
: Janine R. Pestel
: 236
: Fiction : General
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This book is a must read for fans of "Supernatural"

Father Gunter, a former priest, is a demon's worst enemy. He watches a news story one night about an outbreak of SIDS in a small farming community. His demon hunting senses kick in, and he realizes there is something paranormal here - a demon is at work. He travels to the town, and starts his investigation.

Along the way, he battles demons and finds that he, himself, is being hunted. One night, he receives a visit from the local priest, who brings him some surprising news. The whole time, he is searching for his sister, who was taken by a demon 5 years ago.

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