The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany

The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany
: Roger Moorhouse
: Sharpe Books
: 60
: Kids : Non Fiction
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‘Moorhouse’s meticulous and painstaking research is matched by his narrative verve.' - The Independent.

What happened inside the infamous 'Wolf's Lair', one of Hitler's headquarters?

Who was the Nazi serial killer?

And who was the man who 'started' World War Two?

These are just some of the questions explored in Roger Moorhouse's collection of essays 'The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany'.

Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich continue to fascinate the world. But there are still many stories to be uncovered, and new angles on the conflict to be explored.

In this brilliant collection of articles and essays, Roger Moorhouse examines some of the more obscure aspects of the history of Hitler’s Germany, whilst also using personal stories to expertly illustrate the great themes of World War Two.

In one essay Moorhouse wrestles with the question of how much Berliners knew about the ongoing Holocaust. In another, he investigates the fascinating story of ‘Germania’; the planned rebuilding of Berlin, asking what the plan tells us about Nazi Germany.

Roger Moorhouse is a best-selling historian. A specialist in modern German, he is author of “Killing Hitler” (2006), an account of the many plots on Hitler’s life, and of the critically acclaimed “Berlin at War” (2010), which used first-hand accounts to illuminate the little-told story of the civilian experience of wartime Berlin. He has also been a regular contributor to both the ‘BBC History Magazine’ and ‘History Today’ for over a decade.

Praise for Roger Moorhouse:

'Roger Moorhouse has built a formidable and justified reputation as one of our leading authorities on all aspects of the Third Reich. In addition to his sound scholarship and original thinking his writing is clear and wonderfully accessible. The Wolf's Lair shows him at the height of his powers' (Nigel Jones, Author of 'Countdown to Valkyrie'; 'Hitler's Heralds and The War Walk)

‘As a leading historian of modern Germany, Moorhouse has chronicled a largely unknown story with scholarship, narrative verve and an awful, harrowing immediacy.' (Sunday Telegraph)

‘Moorhouse is particularly good on the small-arms fire of history, those illuminating details or unknown life-stories’ (Andrew Roberts, Financial Times)

‘[Moorhouse] produces something rare: a popular history account that will satisfy both general readers and professional historians.’ (Irish Times)

‘Moorhouse’s meticulous and painstaking research is matched by his narrative verve, wide-ranging sympathy and eye for the telling detail.’ (The Independent)

‘Roger Moorhouse tells this awe-inducing modern morality tale movingly, skilfully and fluently. (Frederick Taylor, Literary Review)

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