When Love Comes Calling: Mail Order Bride Western Romance 6 Book Box Set: Inspirational Western Historical Romance Collection

When Love Comes Calling: Mail Order Bride Western Romance 6 Book Box Set: Inspirational Western Historical Romance Collection
: Callie Gardner
: 387
: Fiction : Drama
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Six Book Mail Order Bride: American Historical Western Box Set

Historically Inspired, Sweet, Clean and Wholesome

STEP BACK IN TIME to wonderful tales of courage, faith, love, and romance in the American Wild West of the 1800's.

Why not treat yourself to this six-book Western Historical Romance collection, full of characters you are sure to fall in love with...today!


The Making of Miss Ellen

Ellen Howard cannot believe what she has just heard!
Her benefactor has just announced to her social circle that Ellen is to marry the most despicable man Ellen has ever had the misfortune to meet. This is the first time Ellen has heard of this and she is horrified at the thought of being forced into marrying Mark Brooks, but what else can she do?

The Lumberjack and the Woodworker's Daughter

Margaret Jones sees all her childhood friends discovering love and marrying their sweetheart's. Why is she always the one left sitting in the church, watching from a distance?

A Bride for the Lonely Farmer

When Kathleen Kelly is attacked by her employer and let go from her position as housekeeper, she is left destitute with no prospects and a long long way from home. In desperation, her friend suggests she move out West as a Mail Order Bride. Katie is horrified at the thought but what else can she do?

A Perfect Match for Millie

What would you do to escape the prospect of a life that would tear your very soul apart? A life chosen for you against your wishes and that there appears to be no escape from?

Lottie's Dilemma

What is Lottie to do when the family's ruthless landlord presents her with a plan that will resolve all their financial worries? Should she even consider his scheming ways when it comes at such a high price? Can Lottie accept the landlord's scandalous demands or is her family doomed to lose their livelihood and home?

Katie's Salvation

Katie's parents want her to marry for money and status whilst Katie longs to be her own person, enjoying the freedom and creativity that employment brings to her life. The situation with her family finally becomes intolerable, when a violent and vicious attack occurs that will change her life forever. What must she do to escape the vehement clutches of her family and monstrous father?

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