In Her Dreams

In Her Dreams
: Joanna Reeder
: Reed It & Weep
: 405
: Fiction : SciFi
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So, I have this curse… I experience the memories of dead people while I sleep.

One second I’m dreading that midterm in the morning, and the next I’m attending a ball that could be the movie set of an Austen or Bronte novel.

Pretty cool right?

Did you catch that I call it a curse?

See, not everyone lives a life full of joy, true love, and happy endings.  Sure, I get to re-live the good memories. But I also get to experience pain, heartbreaks, and sometimes even death.

For a long time, I had zero friends so when I dreamed of Victorian-era Lucy (who just got engaged… eek!) I had an escape. And then Lucy met her future cousin-in-law, Andrew. **swoon**

My life felt less… tragic when the Lucy dreams started. Oh! And I met this new boy, Duncan and finally had a friend. (He’s easy on the eyes too…**sigh**)

But one night I changed the outcome of one of my dreams by accident and shifted my reality in a majorway, so now I have to make some important decisions about choices and control. And what I believe is right.


Everything flashes purple. Then blinding white. 

And I know myself. 

It’s rare. I’m usually so immersed in the experience that I can’t really see myself or my surroundings. I start cataloging the facts. Through Nora’s eyes I see the limb, at least two feet in diameter. The far end of it has punctured the edge of the ice, sending spider-web cracks everywhere. The snow-saturated appendage still hangs sickly from the tree, attached by less than a sliver of wood. 

The branch will fall.

I gasp, and the minuscule movement causes more pain. Twitching my fingers locked in my hair, I feel the devastating injury. My heart lurches with panic. How is she still conscious? A steady flow of blood silently pools past my fingers, creating steam on the ice.

Nora is dying. 

I’ve died fifty-seven times, and it sucks. Every. Single. Time. I brace myself for number fifty-eight.

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