Four Years in the Rockies: or, The adventures of Isaac P. Rose

Four Years in the Rockies: or, The adventures of Isaac P. Rose
: James B. Marsh
: Morrison Press
: 264
: Non Fiction : General
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The hunters and trappers of the far west were a brave, hardy and adventurous set of men, and they had peculiarities in their characters that cannot be found in any other people.

Their character is a compound of two extremes — recklessness and caution — and isolation from the world makes them at all times self-reliant.

From the time they leave civilization they — metaphorically speaking — carry their lives in their hands.

In moments of the greatest peril, or under the most trying circumstances, they never lose their presence of mind, but are ready to take advantage of any incident that may occur to benefit themselves or foil their enemies.

James Marsh’s fascinating book gives brilliant insight into the life of Isaac P. Rose, who was one such man who forged his own path in the wilderness of the far west.

Four Years in the Rockies is a wonderful account of one mountain man’s life at the height of the fur industry in the nineteenth century as he overcomes adversity, learns from those around him, including famous figures like Kit Carson and Nathaniel Wyeth, and becomes one of the most successful trappers of the Rockies.

During the course of these years Rose overcomes extremely tough conditions, survives meetings with some of the most dangerous animals to be found in North America, and almost loses an arm during a skirmish with some Native Americans.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the nineteenth century fur trade and the adventurers who risked their lives to be part of it.

Isaac Rose returned east after his stint in the fur trade and passed away in 1854. This book was published thirty years later in 1884.

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