Winning a Duke's Heart - Regency Romance Eleven Book Box Set: Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance

Winning a Duke's Heart - Regency Romance Eleven Book Box Set: Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance
: Eleanor St Clair
: 1031
: Fiction : Romance
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STEP BACK IN TIME to the delightful Regency Era and immerse yourself in the sumptuous romance, beautiful settings and simple eloquence of the period.
Eleven wonderful, complete, Regency Romance novellas - heart-warming, sweet, clean and wholesome.

Each book is a complete standalone story and can be read in any order.

These delightful, uplifting romances include stories of love, betrayal, hope and faith, all set in the beautiful Regency era - come and be swept away by love!

Treat yourself to this Eleven book Regency collection, full of characters you are sure to fall in love with...


The Duke and Miss Jacoby

Lady Emma Alford flees from her home, the very place where she should feel safe.
Finding refuge with her Aunt, she chances upon the charming Duke of Brightwood. Can she keep her secret safe or will she be exposed to danger yet again…

The Duke and the Farmer's Daughter

Viola Preston and her family are left destitute, having been evicted from their farm. Viola makes a disastrous decision that puts her very life in peril. Can the charismatic Duke of Mayfield help Viola or will her life simply be thrown back into turmoil…

The Duke's Masquerade

Sarah Curtis and her sister are excited by the prospect of finding love at the Duke's Masquerade Ball. However, Sarah fails to recognize the Duke in his disguise with disastrous consequences...

The Duke's Joyful Return

Can a terrible secret damage their friendship forever? Adam and Selina have been inseparable friends since childhood. As time goes by they come to realise that the feelings they have for one another have grown into something altogether different...Love

The Duke's Christmas Baby

The Duke, Edward Barrington, and his guests are celebrating Christmas when they find a baby has been left on the steps of Merryweather Hall. With no way of finding the unfortunate soul who has left the infant, what are they to do with the child?

The Duke's Deliverance

Sarah Brown has long held aspirations of becoming a writer. Unfortunately, her father respects the local minister's views that young women need to act properly and concentrate on becoming an obedient wife.
Will Sarah be able to hold on to her dreams, and can the Duke help her in her quest?

The Duke's Forbidden Love

When Samuel Pemberton, Duke of Hartington, takes over the family business, he feels he has found an ally in the enigmatic Eliza.
When Eliza discovers that the Duke's younger brother is lining his pockets with money from the business, she is in a dilemma. Should she tell the duke and risk putting her position in jeopardy…?

The Duke and the Merchant's Daughter

Francis St Martin, Duke of Hartford, returns to England following the death of his father. The expectations of society dictate that he needs to find a suitable bride.
When he meets the charming Isabella, he falls in love, but she is a merchant's daughter...

The Duke's Dilemma

Harriet is still in mourning after the death of her husband. She sees her younger sister, Marjorie, being groomed to marry well.
Harriet wants to see Marjorie marry for love, but as her own feelings grow for the Duke, she begins to question her actions when the man is meant to be courting her sister…

The Duke and the Frenchman's Sister

George Symonds, the Duke of Beauford, returns from France with one thing on his mind, seeking revenge for the death of his younger brother.
Upon meeting Lydia Rossiter, he discovers she is related to the man he has been searching for.
Can he bring the man to justice without losing Lydia?

The Viscount's Confidante

Adam Thorne, Viscount Brookfield, returns from his studies to find that his brother has decimated the family fortune.
A chance encounter with Lizzie Mullens, enables him to talk freely, but how can they possibly be a part of each other's lives?

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