Storm Unleashed (Quantum Touch Book 4)

Storm Unleashed (Quantum Touch Book 4)
: Michael R. Stern
: Creativia
: 342
: Fiction : General
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A North Korean missile launch. An attack on a naval base.

Does the nation face a new menace, or is an old one taking a treacherous turn?

Just as the president negotiates an end to war in the Middle East, a plot to destroy any possibility for peace moves into high gear. When Fritz returns from a trip through the portal, the world around him has changed.

His portal through space and time has proven a powerful tool, but using it risks undeniable dangers. Despite the peril, Fritz is determined to use it to end the threat, and capture the conspirators. With the White House under attack, Fritz Russell once again finds his life turned upside down.

The portal might be their only means of stopping the enemy - but at what cost?

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