Real Secrets Of Young And Fresh Looking Skin From French Beauties

Real Secrets Of Young And Fresh Looking Skin From French Beauties
: Sofi Bell
: 47
: Non Fiction : Health
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Hello, my beauties (Madame and Mademoiselle), thank you for stopping by my book, you will not regret it! Let me give you a quick brief. First, have you ever wonder why some people in a region of the world look younger than their counterparts in the other areas of the world? Have you ever wonder how some selected few don’t just age in look as some others? Do you want to be a part of that selected few of people, whose looks are like a cheat to the god of aging… if there is anything like that, well no more questions. In this book, you will find practical insight and secrets to answering all these questions.
I want to say it is not a secret that each of us will at some point tried to preserve the true youth and beauty of the skin and delay aging as long as possible! However, everyone does it differently! In this book, I will tell in detail how we - French women, take care of our faces! You will learn about the structure of the skin and the treatment procedures! The stages of their implementation, lifting careworn for all ages! I definitely gave recipes for peeling, masks for rejuvenation and freshness of the skin from natural ingredients, which are most often used by French girls and women and you can quickly make them at home (all the ingredients are not expensive and affordable). I will show you secrets and much more information that is useful that will not leave you indifferent! Beyond the makeover, the cosmetics, the plastic surgery, and the foundations. I mean natural, radiant, glowing beauty, that shame all wrinkles, then this book is a must read!
Remember, buying a book you first invest in yourself, in your personal development and your beauty! And as you know beautiful, well-groomed woman will always radiate self-confidence and attract the attention of others!

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