50 Ass-Kickin' Lessons for the Entrepreneur Wannabe: Turn My Pain Into Your Gain

50 Ass-Kickin' Lessons for the Entrepreneur Wannabe: Turn My Pain Into Your Gain
: Garry Wheeler
: YBR Publishing LLC
: 220
: Non Fiction : Business
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This book is for you if:

  1. You are working in a company now and are contemplating leaving it to start your own business . . . you are looking for greener pastures . . . you found your true passion . . . you are sick of working for someone else.
  2. You left a company recently and are thinking about starting your own company versus looking for another “real” job.
  3. You are a student and contemplating becoming an entrepreneur after you graduate.
  4. You are an entrepreneur currently struggling in your role and are looking for ideas and lessons learned that will help you succeed.
  5. You are the spouse or significant other of a recently failed entrepreneur and are trying to figure out what the hell he/she did wrong!
  6. You are looking for a business book that is both entertaining and informative.

The story and the payback for you:

    What did A&R/Marketing executives at Virgin, Geffen/A&M, Rounder and Disney Records, the CEO of a $2 billion apparel company and a half-dozen angel investors have in common? They ALL envisioned BandDigs.com as the next Web 2.0 phenom... another Myspace or YouTube! 

    How could all these innovative professionals have been wrong and missed the mark on this one? Why didn’t a first of its kind, live and interactive video platform for the music industry become an unparalleled success? 

    Let award winning executive and author Garry Wheeler save entrepreneur wannabes a LOT of money, and of course, the pain and suffering of a revolutionary startup gone bad. Follow his pioneering journey while he navigates the industry and works with CEO’s, record label executives, producers, managers, venture capitalists and household name performers. Traverse the ups and downs, twists and turns, and leverage his 50 break-through lessons in your own business. 

    Wheeler offers insight into his “could-have-been-successful-but-wasn’t” experience as the CEO of this compelling startup. This book is not just for the music industry, however. It applies to any entrepreneurial venture.

     Prepare yourselves to more effectively manage any type of business that you are launching or already navigating. Garry seriously wishes that he had read a book like this before he jumped into the abyss of entrepreneurship.  

Buy the book now and don’t reinvent the pain; turn his lessons into your gain!  

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