What Marie Did Next.....

What Marie Did Next.....
: Donna Riseborough
: Self
: 297
: Non Fiction : General
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From the backstreets of Lancashire to a Pad Brat on Army Barracks across Europe. From Army wife to abused wife to unfaithful wife. From Mother to Grandmother, with a kidnapping and a dungeon in between!
To say Marie has led an eventful life up to now could never be an exaggeration...........but the thing is it's all true!

"This was my life Tina," she said again. "It was the depths of a German winter, I had a baby who could have been the womans up the street for all I cared and Jack was getting worse. I wonder now what the point of it all was, but then...........not once did i contemplate leaving him. I just seemed to accept everything in my life as it was. I knew i was changing to become nothing like the Marie anyone else knew, but felt helpless to do anything about it............"

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