SEISHIN SHUYO: Mental Training in Traditional Martial Arts

SEISHIN SHUYO: Mental Training in Traditional Martial Arts
: Jimmy Lockett
: SavKen Publishing
: 0
: Kids : Non Fiction
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Seishin Shuyo – Mental Training in Traditional Martial Arts, introduces the powerful concepts and methods developed over centuries of traditional martial arts practice.

Anyone can benefit from a more powerful, well-developed mind. The mental training techniques of traditional martial arts, known as Seishin Shuyo, can be used in every facet of daily life and will empower you in relationships, business, health, learning, and personal inner growth.

Martial artists are renowned not only for their physical skills but equally for their incredibly powerful mental attributes as well:

Unshakable Calm
Clarity Under Stress
Emotional Balance
Perseverance Over Time
Maintaining Focus
Strategic Thinking
Fighting Spirit
Overcoming Pain and Adversity
Meditation in Motion
Unbreakable Will Power

All these and more are part of martial arts mental training and can be developed through specific techniques and practices.

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