My New Nanny

My New Nanny
: Samantha Bush
: Samantha Bush
: 19
: Kids : 4-8
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This semi-rhyming children's book is about four-year-old Riley, who is meeting a new nanny for the first time.
Riley loves having fun and is very curious to meet nanny. Riley wonders about the adventurous day to be spent with Sam, the new nanny.
My New Nanny enhances cognitive, social and emotional development skills.This book is perfect for young children who are meeting a new babysitter, transitioning to a new nanny or are shy to meet new people.
The amazing addition of this children’s book is that Riley and Nanny are genderless.They are genderless to tend to the needs of the various readers and their families because, throughout the world, nannies are both male and female. This story wants families with Mannies( male nannies/babysitters to be included). Please enjoy this fun and lovely ebook.

Welcome to the world of the fun-loving Riley and Sam, the adventurous new nanny.

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