Growing In Christ: Lessons From The Parables For Kids (Parenting In Christ Book 3)

Growing In Christ: Lessons From The Parables For Kids (Parenting In Christ Book 3)
: Christina Dronen
: 52
: Non Fiction : General
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Growing in Christ challenges tweens and teens to explore the parables of Christ. The lessons in this book look at the parables and examine the treasures within that can apply to growing up into a person who lives like Jesus did. Jesus told these parables, or stories, to teach us about who we are, who God is, and the way of God. Within these stories are hidden the secrets of the invisible world and truths to help kids grow up and mature in Christ-like character.
•Parables are age-appropriately presented and written within the text for the reader's convenience
•Parallels "Parenting in Christ: Lessons from the Parables" so that kids and parents can do it concurrently
•The lessons and questions address issues that kids in this age group are facing or will face, especially during the teen years
•The lessons are meant to be done in community, with ice breakers and questions provided.
•Each lesson comes with a challenge to live out what they've learned.
By focusing on the character of Christ and kingdom of God, kids are able to work out their own faith and learn what it means to live as Christ did.

Lessons include:
1 - The Gardener - Growing in Truth
2 - The Guest - Humility
3 - The Worker - Gratitude
4 - The Money Manager - Responsibility of Authority / Stewardship
5 - The Good Shepherd - Trust & Obedience
6 - The Unlikely Hero - Integrity
7 - The Merciful King - Perfecting Love with Mercy
8 - The Forgiving Father - Repentance & Forgiveness
9 - The Persistent Neighbor - Perseverance
10 - The Rich Fool - Finding Contentment

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