Mail Order Bride: The Runaway Bride of Gold Springs (Hearts of the West Book 1)

Mail Order Bride: The Runaway Bride of Gold Springs (Hearts of the West Book 1)
: Emma Ashwood
: 108
: Fiction : Drama
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Fanny Jones was not about to fall into line with her older sisters and be forced into marriage to a despicable older man by her abusive stepfather. She would rather do as her older sister had, and run away to avoid it...just as soon as Billy West asked her to join him in Gold Springs. After responding to his advert for a mail order bride, Fanny escaped from her stepfather's house with train tickets in hand, and was on her way to meet Billy.

Tina Farley shared a train compartment with the battered and fearful Fanny. She too was traveling to Gold Springs as a mail order bride. By the time the train pulled into the station to the awaiting men, the two were firm friends. Although Billy was thrilled at Fanny's progress running his business, he had not pushed the issue of marriage, and Fanny had to wonder if she was not meant to be a wife in this lifetime.

She had stopped looking over her shoulder, worrying that her stepfather may find her. And then the letter from home arrived.....

Could Fanny be loved enough to be rescued from her former life? What was holding Billy back from making her his bride? Hop on board as the author takes you on a journey of love, control and pain to the final destination as etched out by fate.

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