Worst Valentine's Day Ever: a Brad Finkley book

Worst Valentine's Day Ever: a Brad Finkley book
: Jennifer Waddle
: Noble Theme Press
: 41
: Kids : General
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Brad Finkley couldn't believe it. THE most popular girl in the seventh-grade wanted him to be her Valentine!
He had waited for this moment since the second grade. He wasn't going to let anyone stop him from having the BEST Valentine's Day ever! (including his bratty, four-year-old sister Sally)
Find out what happens during the unexpected events of Brad's day. From poo in the basement to the Little Miss Muffet Preschool across the street, Brad's day ends up being far from the perfect Valentine's Day he imagined. For another hilarious adventure in the popular Brad Finkley book series, grab your copy today!
A laugh-out-loud CHAPTER book for the whole family! Humorous, adventurous, and fun!

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