The Crown of Amiriel

The Crown of Amiriel
: Shade Rachea
: 235
: Fiction : SciFi
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Long ago, the Crown of Amiriel was broken into seven pieces and hidden throughout the six known realms of the MoonStar Portal with most of the Anciént Onés who were also laid to rest to await the Awakening. Before then, two prophecies were foretold to the Anciént Onés concerning the Heir of Mari and the Heir of Zora and how they would be the saviors of their race. No one knew when or who and as the centuries passed, hope dwindled among those not asleep. Until now.

Princess Raynin, a teen with unstable powers, and her best friend, Prince Riley, have been on their own since the death of the queen. After Raynin is named heir to the coveted Crown of Amiriel and Riley reveals their true lineage, they're forced to flee the Guardian Realm, along with a Shadowwalker and Simo Twins. Death and sacrifices follow as they train and learn to master their gifts, and soon, the group is thrust into a war they weren't expecting, forcing them to make choices that will forever alter their futures.

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