No Room for Regret: Third Edition (Cullen - Bartlett Dynasty Book 1)

No Room for Regret: Third Edition (Cullen - Bartlett Dynasty Book 1)
: Janeen Ann O'Connell
: Creativia
: 339
: Fiction : General
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London, 1811

Chained below deck, 18-year-old James Tedder listens to the sobs of his fellow prisoners. Putting his hand over his nose to filter the vile smells, James wonders how life on the other side of the world could ever the worth living.

London, 1812

Sarah Blay watches the convict ship Indefatigable begin its voyage to the other side of the world with her husband, and his friend James Tedder, on board. 

One year later, Sarah bundles up her three small sons and says a final goodbye to her mother, and follows her husband to Van Diemen's Land on a dangerous journey that will take fourteen long months.

Will Sarah regret her decision... and will any of them survive?

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ - "Historical fiction at its best."

★★★★★ - "Eloquently written... I love the characters in this book."

★★★★★ - "The touches of history, distances, images and newspaper cuttings really bring the story to life."

★★★★★ - "The author gives her characters permission to recount their own convict beginnings, the details of each adding depth to their actions and relationships, so significant to the plot lines that gradually unfold. The inspirational stories of these souls, transported to another world, are revealed in lives truly lived."

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