Witches, Recipes, and Murder (Sweetland Witch) ( A Cozy Mystery Book)

Witches, Recipes, and Murder (Sweetland Witch) ( A Cozy Mystery Book)
: Zoe Arden
: ReedFoster Press House
: 345
: Fiction : Mystery
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When a stranger in Sweetland Cove asks for help... all hexes are off. 
Page Count: around 330 pages 
Ava Fortune is not your average witch.
Her friends and family keep telling her to stop sleuthing, 
But... she just can't help it when a crime falls into her lap... or her bakery.

When a stranger shows up at The Mystic Cupcake asking for her help,
Ava doesn't know what to tell him...

Everywhere she looks, she finds suspects. 
She can't do everything, even though she wishes she could,
So, for the first time, Ava says no. 
But she just can't stay away from the investigation,
Especially when the killer isn't satisfied with just one death.

He's hunting down her friends and family, including Ava! 
Ava will have to enlist the help of her friends and family if she wants to solve this case. 
Without them, she can hardly make cake, let alone catch a criminal. 
Can Ava find the killer before he strikes again?
Or will she be his next victim?

Page Count: around 330 pages

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