Ketogenic Sous Vide Cookbook: 250 Keto Diet Recipes for Sous Vide

Ketogenic Sous Vide Cookbook: 250 Keto Diet Recipes for Sous Vide
: Jennifer Evans
: 281
: Non Fiction : Cooking
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Cooking in Sous Vide might seem something very complex that only professional cooks can do but we can prove to you that this is a misconception!

Sous Vide cooking is actually pretty easy as long as you know cooking times and temperatures and as long as you follow the right instructions!

Also, following a Ketogenic diet might seem a bit hard to follow but we also want to prove that this isn't true!

That is why we are here with this special cooking journal!

We thought we could combine a Ketogenic lifestyle with this amazing cooking method!

We gathered for you the best Ketogenic Sous Vide recipes and we presented them to you in a simple and attractive way!

Have a look at some of the recipes you're about to discover:

  • Lemony Mango Delight

  • Bok Choy Breakfast Bowls

  • Spring Onion Soup

  • Greek Pork Chops

  • Glazed Carrots

  • Creamy Spinach

  • Party Chicken Wings

  • Duck Breast Appetizer Salad

  • Peach Compote

Even a novice cook can make these incredible Sous Vide recipes!

You will become a star in the kitchen and your dishes will be so appreciated from now on!

Discover the best sous vide Ketogenic dishes in the world and have a lot of fun in the kitchen!

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