What Do You Know?: 1000 Trivia Questions to Test Your General Knowledge

What Do You Know?: 1000 Trivia Questions to Test Your General Knowledge
: R. Bunny
: 204
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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‘What Do You Know?’ is a collection of 1000 Trivia Questions with Answers - all sorted into chapters to make it easy to find trivia on any given topic. A great gift for yourself or any trivia-lover.

Whether you are an old hat or new to the trivia game, this book will teach you hundreds of fascinating facts, and memorable tidbits of information ensuring you come out more knowledgeable on the other side, and more equipped than ever for your next Trivia Night - whether you are planning on being a host or a player.

That being said, this book is equally suitable for the quiet hobbyist-type trivia enthusiast, as it is appropriate for any age, so can be a fantastic way to spend nights at home with the family.

There is a good mix of obscure, humorous, surprising, and a slight touch of the bizarre - but you can be assured it is entirely educational. Regardless of your taste in trivia this book has something for you!
Some of the questions you can expect to find include:

What sort of Madagascan animal was named after comedian John Cleese?

What machine part is featured on the flag of Angola?

What is the name of the sauce made from fermented fish guts and eaten as a condiment in ancient Rome?

At 74 letters, what language has the largest alphabet?

In which country is the executive wing of the parliament building both shaped like and known as ‘ The Beehive’? 

For a wide variety of trivia, the book contains the following chapters with questions covering the breadth of history not to mention the entire world and beyond:

  • Science and Technology
  • Health and the Human Body
  • The Natural World
  • Geography
  • History
  • Culture and Modern Life
  • Sports, Games and Hobbies
  • Myth and Legend
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Drink

So why trivia, anyway..?

If you are anything like me, trivia holds a special place in your heart - after all what is more fascinating or impressive than being able to pull out an intriguing fact at an opportune moment?

But being impressive in social situations aside, an interest in trivia is a great way to open the door to learning, and more than just being a fun hobby it can really inform the way we look at the world and what shapes it - and us.

Trivia is one of the wonderful ways in which the modern availability of infinite information can be positively used to provide quality entertainment and education to people of all ages; equally in social situations as when alone, and whatever your interests.

‘What Do You Know?’ was written with a personal passion for learning in mind - and with the intent that established trivia-lovers will find it stimulating; this book is a great way to test what you know - and yet also be surprised by unique trivia you haven’t come across before .

That being said it can also be used by the absolute beginner as a learning tool, from which to dig deeper into each of the intriguing tidbits of information.

I hope that ‘What Do You Know?’ will inform, delight, surprise, refresh existing knowledge, and provide you with brand new trivia gems. With any luck, it will open your eyes to a part of our world you haven’t considered, will make you think twice, appreciate more and give you even a small sense of wonder.

I know I felt all this and more when researching the content for this book and hope that this book ignites - or reignites - a love of trivia for you!

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