The Scalpel (Feral Space Book 1)

The Scalpel (Feral Space Book 1)
: James Worrad
: Castrum Press
: 319
: Fiction : SciFi
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The Scalpel

Swirl and Sparkle share one body. When the bickering sisters are mysteriously attacked they flee for their lives; assisted by Hargie, their fast-talking, faster-than-light and morally questionable pilot.

More than simply fantasy in space. This space opera tale will launch you on a quest through a universe of beautiful worlds, spaceships that bend physics and space beasts with firepower.

Relinquish reality and delight in this stunning fantasy space opera. Explore the broken worlds and palaces of psychotic warlords. Venture to the edge of sanity and into the heart of the universes' greatest enigma: the silent beasts of the void, the Scalpels.

Swirl's life is not going to plan. Exiled by her alien masters to the scuzziest part of the galaxy for crimes she did not commit, the once promising combat agent is reduced to peddling drugs aboard a mile-long space slum. If there is an upside, Swirl is sure her sister isn't part of it. Regrettably, the frivolous Sparkle shares Swirl's brain and body. Nevertheless, when the sisters are attacked, they learn to cease bickering and flee for their lives.

Hargie's life never really had a plan. One of the bubblefolk, a race of faster-than-light addicted lowlifes, Hargie jumps from star to star, bar to bar, forever outrunning a past best forgotten. When Swirl buys a ride on his ship, Hargie tries to see the enigmatic woman as just another job, one he can abandon when the time comes.

Melid’s life is but a cog in an immense machine. Empathically bonded to her own kind, she feels naught for the rest of humanity. The merciless Melid is ordered to hunt down a mysterious woman before she can return to her even more mysterious home world.

Praise for The Scalpel

  • "A fascinating mythos... like if Lovecraft wrote Greek mythology!" - Amazon Reader

  • "..a cracking adventure across fantastic worlds in a spacecraft more reminiscent of the Heart of Gold than the Enterprise." - Amazon Reader

  • "Mind meltingly good."- Amazon Reader

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