Emerald Man (Emerald Series Book 2)

Emerald Man (Emerald Series Book 2)
: Leigh Stephens
: 237
: Fiction : Mystery
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Hunting in the Nevada Hills, Griffin Kelly finds a young woman who has been shot, left for dead and muttering the words “Run, they’re coming.” He nurses the critically wounded, terrified woman back to health, soon realizing that she is suffering from amnesia. With no recollection of her past, the woman, now known as Grace, can only provide disjointed fragments of memories revealed through fitful dreams that offer more questions than answers.

Griff, along with the help of the sheriff, Reece Cameron, search for clues to the identity of the woman and the men who left her for dead while Grace, stalked by her assailants, finds herself in frightening encounters as she struggles to remember.

Griffin and Reece race to solve the mystery of this young woman’s past and the key that will unlock her secrets. Victim or criminal collaborator? Each chapter brings new revelations as their investigation uncovers a world of cattle rustling, revenge and murder.

Emerald Man is the second in the Emerald Series and a largely stand-alone story chronicling the Kelly Family and their Emerald Ranch in 1870’s Nevada.

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