Your Beautiful Mind: Control Alcohol and Love Life More: Discover Freedom, Find Happiness & Change Your Life (Mindful Drinking Book 2)

Your Beautiful Mind: Control Alcohol and Love Life More: Discover Freedom, Find Happiness & Change Your Life (Mindful Drinking Book 2)
: Cassandra Gaisford
: Blue Giraffe Publishing
: 460
: Non Fiction : General
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Cut back or quit drinking entirely…fast!

Are you worried you're drinking too much? Has alcohol become a major part of your life? Do you fear it's affecting your health? Your relationships? Your career?

Millions of people are dependent on alcohol to self-medicate trauma, stress, depression, or succumbing to peer pressure to drink more than they want. They'd love to cut-back but fear losing the buzz they associate with alcohol, and mistakenly believe that a sober life will doom them to a life of loss, boredom, pain, and misery.

Cassandra Gaisford, a health counselor, holistic therapist and the #1 bestselling author of Stress Less, Mid-Life Career Rescue and Find Your Passion and Purpose , (BCA, Dip Psych) provides a fresh sobriety solution.

Anyone who needs to be kept on track or inspired to kick the drink habit and commit to living sober will find genuine help in this refreshingly insightful and solution-focused book.

Integrating ground-breaking research, neuroscience, cognitive therapy, proven tools, and teachings, in this deeply personal book, Cassandra talks candidly about her own challenges with controlling alcohol. Drawing on Eastern and Western approaches to help people suffering from alcohol dependence and addiction, Cassandra shows us how to cut back or quit drinking entirely without becoming a hermit, being ostracized, or cutting back on an enjoyable social life.

Not everyone wants or needs to join a support group to deal with their drinking problems. Many of these easy to implement strategies can be mastered in the privacy of your own home, office party or hip location.

"For readers who sincerely want to stop or rescue their drinking, but struggle to quit the drink habit, this book will pave the way."

Your Beautiful Mind is a pro-choice book—a call to enlightenment, knowledge, and empowerment. It will open your eyes and enhance your knowledge of the powerful cultural, social and economic forces that promote alcohol dependence in all of us and re-right the imbalance.

Supported by Cassandra's own extraordinary and candid personal experiences, and those of others who have successfully controlled their drinking, this book is a must-read for anyone who drinks.

If you want to control your drinking and live a life on your own terms, this book is for you.

If you're a heavy drinker or love someone who is, you'll gain support and encouragement to continue the journey to health and happiness.

If you suffer from stress, fear, doubt, or overly trying to fit in with others, Your Beautiful Mind will come to your rescue.

If you'd love to inspire others and lead the way by controlling alcohol, either by cutting back or giving up completely, read on

If you're worried about the stigma of alcoholism and recovery or fear you won't be able to kick the habit, stop holding back and read this book.

In this book you'll learn:

  • Strategies to take control of your drinking
  • Awareness of the real harm excessive alcohol consumption takes on your mind, body and soul
  • Sophisticated alternatives to drink
  • How to handle pressure from others who feel threatened by your sobriety
  • Savvy ways to beat slick and subliminal marketing from companies who profit from your addiction
  • How to handle life 'raw' - tools, tips and strategies to deal with stress and daily hassles
  • Ways to discover freedom, find happiness and change your life

Whatever your pain, whatever your motivation, Your Beautiful Mind: Control Alcohol will help you achieve your goals-whether that's getting sober or just cutting back-and create positive, permanent transformational change in your life.

Take control of your drinking, relieve stress and still have fun, enjoy happier hours, improve your relationships, boost your energy and live a joy-filled healthier life.

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