Hushed, Tales of Ryca, Book 2

Hushed, Tales of Ryca, Book 2
: Shereen Vedam
: 445
: Fiction : General
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In one day, TAMARA goes from being the king's favorite, his first born and much-loved daughter, to having her father brutally murdered. Fleeting for their lives, her mother casts a time spell as protection against capture, one that traps 13-year-old Tamara, her younger brother and mother in a state of limbo, unable to move, speak or age. While her mother and brother remain oblivious to the passage of time, Tamara alone finds herself awake and aware of every excruciating moment, for twenty three endless years.

Finally they are rescued by her "younger sister," and "baby sister," who now seem ancient in comparison. For the next few years, her mother and brother adapt well to the new order of royal life. Not so, Tamara. Her mother, worried about her daughter's increasingly reclusive ways, gives the now eighteen-year-old Tamara an ultimatum. Choose a suitable husband by the rising of the three moons, or one will be chosen for you.

Unwilling to be trapped again, by marriage this time, Tamara impulsively seeks out suitors she can control. Focused on her task, she brushes aside her nephew when he asks for her help, which results in a family crisis when he disappears. Unwilling to cause any more discord with her mother, Tamara sets out to rectify her unknowing mistake.

Putting aside her personal troubles, Tamara goes on a quest across realms to find her lost nephew. But in the stillness lurks a danger that could not only destroy her whole family, but perhaps her entire world.

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