Arestana: The Key Quest (Arestana Series Book 1)

Arestana: The Key Quest (Arestana Series Book 1)
: Shawn P. B. Robinson
: BrainSwell Publishing
: 250
: Kids : 9-12
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Liam can’t get home.

He’s stuck in a world he never thought existed, facing odds he can’t beat. To make matters worse, he has to go face to face with a dragon!

If he cannot defeat the beast, he will remain in that world… forever!

Laugh your way through an edge of your seat adventure packed with grit and suspense…

“…the funniest fantasy world I have ever read.” Nathaniel, Goodreads reviewer.

“Amazing epic children's adventure with the feel of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien!” R. E., Goodreads reviewer.

“This is an awesome series that is perfect for all ages. I cannot get enough of this…” Patricia, Amazon reviewer.

“It’s seldom that I find a book that can make me laugh, but this one had me laughing out loud many times throughout.” Scott, Amazon reviewer.

“This reminds me of the Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen, except our hero is the only normal person; the rest of the world is somewhat odd.” Tom, Goodreads reviewer.

“My sons and I love this book!” JMR, Goodreads reviewer.

“I know I'm kind of biased here, but I love this book!!!” the author’s own personal biased review.

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