Sand Storm (Quantum Touch Book 2)

Sand Storm (Quantum Touch Book 2)
: Michael R. Stern
: Creativia
: 188
: Fiction : General
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The world is on the brink of nuclear war.

After Fritz Russell discovered a portal through space and time, he helped the United States resolve a foreign crisis. Now, the president wants him to use the portal to avert a nuclear threat in the Middle East.

For a history teacher, traveling to the past is entertaining and enlightening. But Fritz hasnít learned all the portalís secrets, and he can't be sure if using the portal has other, long-reaching consequences.

If he uses it to help the president, there might be a war.

If he says no, the world will be in great danger.

No matter his choice, one question remains: does he have enough time to learn the mysteries of the portal?

Praise from readers:

????? - "The writing is crisp and the plot line compelling... a hidden gem."

????? - "The Quantum Touch series could make a great movie or TV series. An excellent story."

????? - "An entertaining time travel adventure... recommended."

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