Mail Order Bride & the Unexpected Orphan Child

Mail Order Bride & the Unexpected Orphan Child
: Terri Grace, Pure Read
: PureRead
: 50
: Fiction : Drama
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Excited and nervous, Abby makes her way from New York to forge a new life out West.
But her life is turned upside down when a young mother leaves her tiny child in Abby’s arms, and does not return.

Luke, her waiting groom, is shocked when his bride-to-be steps from the train with babe in arms. Her story seems unlikely, and when a sheriff knocks on their door and Abby is accused of kidnapping, Luke is thrown into a dilemma.

Does he trust this stranger bride and stand by her? Or is she indeed someone he would be better off without?

A dramatic unfolding of events ensures that the lives of all involved will never be the same ever again.

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