Stolen Luck (The Luck Series Book 1)

Stolen Luck (The Luck Series Book 1)
: Jaclyn Weist
: Dragons & Fairy Tales Press
: 244
: Fiction : Romance
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Sixteen-year-old Megan Crenshaw hadn't realized how perfect her life is until the day she's supposed to write a paper on her worst day ever. While others failed classes or got cut from sports, Megan excels at everything. She can't help it. That is, until a leprechaun shows up at her door and steals all of her luck.

No joke.

Now instead of everything going right, Megan can't even make a simple sandwich without something exploding. When the leprechaun shows up at her school, Megan knows that she has to get rid of him. But without her luck, can she stop him before he carries out his ultimate plan to destroy her family?

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