Training the Best Dog: The Ultimate Guide to Raising, Training a Healthy & Loving Puppy

Training the Best Dog: The Ultimate Guide to Raising, Training a Healthy & Loving Puppy
: Helen Miller
: 90
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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What do I actually DO with this creature? Fear not, my fellow puppy lovers!

If you want (1) to choose a perfect puppy, (2) raise a loving and intelligent dog, and (3) connect with your pet on a deep, spiritual level, this book is for you – written by famous dog trainer. Dog training guide is going to shed light on exactly how training a puppy can build a positive relationship, teach life skills , and avoid problem behaviors.

The Best Tactics to Supercharge Puppy Training.

Try positive training methods, and develop fun and rewarding relationships with your own dog. Your puppy will grow confident, happy, and motivated to be in happy relationships with the owner. You’ll be armed with specific and actionable tips to make an impact every time you communicate with your dog.

Read a beginner's guide to dog care.

Helen Miller is a bestselling author and dog trainer. More importantly, she’s also a dedicated animal lover. In this book, she will teach you some dog training tricks, and you will enjoy the process.

Exactly what to do, how to really train your dog

  • How to Choose a Puppy

  • Temperament Test

  • Health Care Basics

  • Connecting and Communicating

  • Puppy Training: Basic Tricks

  • Why Should You Train Your Puppy?

  • Fetch/Take It, Roll Over

  • Drop It/Give etc.

Keep training positive and relaxed, find the best way to train your dog

What age should you start puppy training? The answer is immediately!

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