Still Not Over You (Geeks Of Caltech Book 1)

Still Not Over You (Geeks Of Caltech Book 1)
: Aarti V Raman
: Karou Publishing
: 290
: Fiction : Romance
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Christmas Eve. Chicago.


Ten years ago, I lost my best friend, the girl I loved, and the family and future I had counted on. All in one night.

Now, I have my bar and my brothers, my fellow Caltech buddies who stood by me when my own family did not. I moved halfway across the country but I haven't forgotten any of it.

Until she walks back into my bar and my life and asks for the impossible. I realize I haven't forgiven her at all.


Ten years ago, my life fell apart. I went from being a beloved sixteen-year-old with a bright future to the girl who secretly betrayed her family. I've been paying for it ever since.

But I know, I am not enough.

Not for the family. Not for the business.

And not for the decade-long secret that has the potential to destroy my fragile world once more.

Now, I have to do the unthinkable.

I have to work with Dev, the boy who loved me and who I sent away to exile ten years ago.

Now, Dev is back and he wants everything from me. My passion. My heart. My secrets.

And all I want is a second chance to put everything back the way it was.

Can love be enough to heal old wounds? Or is forgiveness an ugly four-letter word?

STILL NOT OVER YOU is Book One of The Geeks of Caltech series. A unique band of friends bonded by loyalty, brotherhood, and pain, the Geeks of Caltech are to die for and their women all they wish to live for!

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