Four Reasons to Come: A Reverse Harem Romance

Four Reasons to Come: A Reverse Harem Romance
: Sarah J. Brooks
: 244
: Fiction : Romance
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Why pick one guy if there are four reasons to come?

All my life I thought there is no perfect match for me.
That’s until I meet Marcus.
I’ve never been with such a dominant man before.
One look and I want to fall to my knees in front of him.

But his frequent trips and mood swings are driving me crazy.
A woman has needs and if he can’t be there to meet them, I’ll have to look for someone who can.
Like my hot neighbor Stanley.
Or Rob, the delicious guy from my last blind date.
Or maybe both.

Yet when Marcus shows back up, not only does he bring a fourth man for our little club.
But his work too, throwing us all into a world of danger.
I hope Marcus can save us all from this mess, and that all my men stay safe.
I can’t imagine a moment without all four...

This is a standalone romance with bonus content, a satisfying Happy Ever After and no cliffhangers!

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