Amish New Year Collection (6 Book Box Set)

Amish New Year Collection (6 Book Box Set)
: Hannah Schrock
: 288
: Fiction : Romance
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This six-book box set of clean, Amish romance lets you experience the finding of love and the union of Amish couples, each with their own distinct stories, as they overcome the hurdles of the world to find their unique place in their communities

The loving and caring Amish communities in the American farmlands and towns face their own idiosyncratic problems and struggles. In a world free of technology, centered around Gott and family, their lives are simple and their love interests confined. Join the author as she takes you into the world of these pure people in their endeavors to find companionship, love and support among their own kind in an unusual world removed from the mainstream.

The Six Book Box Set Includes:

Amish Innocence
Amish Nanny Investigates
The Secret Love of an Amish Girl
Amish Beauty at Heart
The Amish Midwife
Amish Love and Betrayal

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