Yoga for All: The Top 100 Poses, Love Your Body, Practical Tips for Every Day

Yoga for All: The Top 100 Poses, Love Your Body, Practical Tips for Every Day
: Inna Volia
: 230
: Non Fiction : General
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Yoga for All, The Top 100 Poses, Love Your Body, Practical Tips for Every Day

Yoga practice is a holistic package that includes living a happy and productive life while enjoying overall physical, spiritual and mental health. Yoga provides one with the techniques that are used with the aim of uniting the mind, body, and breath which then leads to a deeper connection with the inner core of our true being. It opens one to the spiritual aspect of our lives which may not be realized in any other way. The practice of yoga entails various techniques such as meditation, relaxation, postures, breathing techniques and more. All the techniques help in getting the body, mind, and spirit into a state where connecting with the higher self-becomes much easier and with diverse benefits.
The mind is known to oscillate between the past and the future and hardly settles to focus in the present. Focusing on the past and the future causes one to be anxious, stressed and even worried which then leads to various conditions such as depression, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions. Practicing yoga has the potential of cleansing the body from the accumulated stress and the negative impressions while also calming down the mind. Regular practice of the yoga poses alongside meditation and breathing techniques helps in creating the balance and harmony that the body requires in order to function effectively.
Yoga for All is a book that’s fully packed with details regarding what the practice of yoga entails. One thing that makes the practice of yoga to be profound is the fact that it can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age. The book has shared in detail how the practice of yoga can help with increasing longevity while also improving the overall health and well being of an individual. Various physiological issues associated with aging can be effectively alleviated by practicing yoga. The book has also covered the history of yoga, yoga tips for beginners and those who are already in the practice. It has also shared 100 yoga postures that one can immediately practice regardless of their level with yoga practice.
Whether you are advanced in age and looking for way to alleviate the aging symptoms for increased life span or just starting our as a beginner, you will definitely find this book to be valuable. There is valuable information that one can benefit from regardless of your level with yoga practice.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Introduction

  • What is Yoga?

  • The History of yoga

  • Yoga for all

  • How Yoga Increases Longevity and Improves Health

  • 100 Yoga Poses

  • Yoga Tips for Beginners

  • Tips for those Already Engaged

  • What one gets at the end

  • Conclusion

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