Worlds Merge (Apocalypse Gate Book 2): An EMP End of the World S-H-T-F Survival Series with Monsters, Cosmic Horror, and Interdimensional Portals (Apocalypse ... Horror - Surviving TEOTWAWKI))

Worlds Merge (Apocalypse Gate Book 2): An EMP End of the World S-H-T-F Survival Series with Monsters, Cosmic Horror, and Interdimensional Portals (Apocalypse ... Horror - Surviving TEOTWAWKI))
: Eddie Patin
: Lost Woods Publishing LLC
: 481
: Fiction : SciFi
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Are you prepared for a S H T F scenario? Ready for an EMP and the total collapse of society?

What if an obscene variety of bizarre and horrific monsters and environments were pouring into an apocalyptic America from portals to multiple worlds and dimensions, all torn through space-time all over the country? What if you didn't even recognize the city around you anymore?

What would you do when Worlds Merge?

  • Arthur begins to deal with the increased horror of the collapse of Colorado Springs as nightmarish creatures roam the streets, killing survivors, while he desperately tries to locate his family! And the wicked and hungry monsters move faster at night...

  • Chad and some UEA soldiers (and Max the puppy!) have escaped the slaughter in the Geneva lab via Portal Zero itself, and the survivors make their way through the weird wormhole to the other side, emerging into New York City, under the UEA headquarters on Manhattan Island. But in a city disabled by the EMP, surrounded by all sorts of strange stuff happening while the locals watch in horror, Chad's journey is just beginning...

  • Things are getting really weird for Megan and her boyfriend in Zion National Park. Peoples' eyes are turning gold, and their obsession with the obelisk--and Megan herself--is becoming ... disturbing. When Megan decides to walk out of the park on foot, an encounter with a dark, shaggy beast leaves them running for their lives. Will they be able to find help in nearby Springdale?

  • Harvey isn't in Las Vegas, NV anymore. Or, rather, it seems that Las Vegas isn't on EARTH anymore. The misfit group of Harvey and a handful of officers and detectives will need to become an effective fire team very quickly if they hope to survive the demonic horrors coming at them from all sides. And ammo is low...

  • Kayleen and her roommate have taken to a journey north through the strange, alien streets to find a grocery store for supplies and to make further plans for survival when they get there. But the city seems to be being taken over by a weird, otherworldly environment, and they're forced to evade patrolling squads of alien soldiers. Portland is barely recognizable anymore, and even traveling a few city blocks is fraught with danger. But when they make it to their destination, Kayleen undergoes a dramatic change that will transform everything about her...

  • Tommy and Jody lose their parents, and are alone in a burning world overrun with invincible monsters. 12 year old Tommy suddenly plunges into the responsibility of taking care of himself ... and his sister Jody. But when they seek sanctuary with the surviving adults setting up a shelter in the nearby high school, Tommy learns that not even the grownups are safe from the monsters terrorizing and razing Flagstaff, AZ...

In a year much sooner than you think, while scientists and politicians argue about global warming and lack of resources, the United Nations has reorganized itself into the UEA, the first serious attempt at a world government. “Dimension Drive” is being developed for wormhole-based space travel in Europe by the UEA to expand human civilization into the stars. But the UEA development team responsible for Dim Drive has no idea that they’re about to lose control of the portal they’re trying to harness because of a massive, unforeseen EMP, ushering in the end of the world as we know it.

In America, one of the last superpowers holding out against joining the United Earth Alliance, several individuals across the country are going about their lives, unaware that UEA scientists are quietly conducting the first real test of their new Dimension Drive technology that will change everything...

Love guns, tactical realism, and monsters? Fan of cosmic horror and dark fantasy / sci-fi? Love the Mist and Cabin in the Woods? Lovecraft? Doom?
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