A Witch In Time (Skullenia Book 5)

A Witch In Time (Skullenia Book 5)
: Tony Lewis
: Creativia
: 248
: Fiction : Mystery
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It's games night over at Mrs. Ladle's.

Despite it being slightly more fun than a visit to a 12th century dentist, Stitches doesn't want to go. Tonight, Mrs. Ladle has promised them something special: a game that hasn't been played for a very long time.

One that's bound to make the evening fly by.

This could be the start of another adventure, crammed with intrigue and weirdness, and packed full of derring-do and never-before chronicled acts of heroism and bravery. Ollie and his ever-faithful crew travel with Mrs. Ladle to somewhere very strange indeed, where you'll learn things such as:

Why the forest is a bit of an odd place,

What a witch keeps up her sleeve,

And why there seems to be poo everywhere.

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