Meditation for Beginners: Simple Guide How to Relieve Stress, Get Out of Depression, Clear the Mind, Improve Your Body

Meditation for Beginners: Simple Guide How to Relieve Stress, Get Out of Depression, Clear the Mind, Improve Your Body
: Inna Volia
: 88
: Non Fiction : General
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Meditation for Beginners, Simple Guide How to Relieve Stress, Get Out of Depression, Clear the Mind, Improve Your Body

The practice of meditation is rising in popularity and gaining mainstream acceptance as a preventative healing method and one of the most studied alternative ways of therapy. Meditation has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits which are emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. More doctors are recommending the practice of meditation to those dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety issues given the results that have been realized by those once affected with the condition. Meditation enables one to get into a state of deep relaxation within minutes which makes it possible for the levels of stress causing hormones to drop resulting into good and happy feelings.
Conditions of stress, depression, and anxiety have a way of altering the structure of the brain resulting into one’s mind and thoughts being focused more on the negative things that happened in the past or are more likely to happen in the future. Engaging in meditation enables one’s awareness to be changed to the extent that one is able to view things in a more clear and truthful way with a focus in the present moment which leads to more clarity and health for the body and mind. Meditation for beginners is a book that’s fully packed with valuable lessons capable of equipping a beginner with sufficient information on what meditation entails and how it can be practiced effectively. There are numerous benefits that are associated with engaging in meditation and all are shared in this book in detail.
Mediation has the potential of transforming one's way of life and their perception of the world. The techniques used don’t only relieve from stress and depression, one can also attain clarity of mind with improved benefits as they engage in meditation. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner with no clear purpose for practicing meditation or you are going through a specific condition that only meditation can provide relief for, you will definitely realize massive benefits that can last for a very long period of time as you embrace the practice of meditation as a habit.
Some of the areas covered in the book include understanding meditation, the purpose of meditation, benefits of meditation, the different types of meditation, how to get started with the practice and elements of meditation amongst others. You will also learn about mindfulness and how you can attain deep levels of joy, peace, and happiness as you practice meditation. Every topic is covered in detail with various techniques that you can use to try out the process. Take your time to read the book all through to the end, as each chapter is covered in detail and you will get valuable information whether you are a the beginner level, intermediate or even as a pro. Remember that the benefits of meditation can only be realized when you shift from having a onetime practice to a habit of practicing meditation.
It’s by continuous practice of even 5 minutes per day that will grant you lasting and outstanding benefits.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: What is Meditation

  • Chapter 2: History and Benefits of Meditation

  • Chapter 3: Getting started with Meditation and Practical Advice

  • Chapter 4: Simple and Effective Meditation Elements

  • Chapter 5: Breath Control the Key to Meditation

  • Chapter 6: How to Relieve Stress, Get out of Depression, Clear the Mind
    and Improve your body

  • Chapter 7 : Conclusion

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