The Wanderer: The Devil Walks in the City

The Wanderer: The Devil Walks in the City
: TETE josemanuel
: 110
: Fiction : General
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All the big cities are full of vagabonds, they are all wanderers of life; they are people who apparently do not have any trade, walkers of the streets without a home, have no fixed income, the only sustenance they have is what they can obtain from the alms, which is given by the pedestrians,
Of course, if they are able to touch their hearts, some of these destitute garbage collectors who live helpless to the inclemency of life.
But ... How true will this be? When night falls and we are all safe in our homes, we really know what these people are dedicated to, these beings who walk the whole city and know it better than all of us, know every nook and corner of it, what would happen if in actually, not all of these characters are as peaceful as we think.

This is where I ask you, what would happen if in some of them evil lives?

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