Wolf Pack (The Brother's Creed Book 3)

Wolf Pack (The Brother's Creed Book 3)
: Joshua C. Chadd
: Blade of Truth Publishing Company
: 202
: Fiction : Drama
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The highly anticipated third book of The Brother’s Creed Series!

The Andderson brothers are reunited with their best friend, Tank, and the Wolf Pack is finally back together. The reunion is cut short when they discover their entire group is being held hostage by a psychopath and her gang of killers. They’re left with an ultimatum: come unarmed and in plain sight or the whole group will be killed. Surrender is not an option and the search begins for a way to turn the tide. But time is running out.

Emmett is missing, possibly dead. Alexis and Ana are held captive by the Reclaimers. With no hope of being rescued in time, it's up to them to plan an escape. But when Ana is the first one taken to be reclaimed, Alexis realizes there may be no getting out of this one. Jezz just might kill them all.

The Brother's Creed: Book 3 of 5

This is a post-apocalyptic novel of approximately 65,000 words.

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