The Runaway Bride - Patience: Western Brides (Across the Prairie Plain Book 3)

The Runaway Bride - Patience: Western Brides (Across the Prairie Plain Book 3)
: Indiana Wake, Belle Fiffer
: Fair Havens Books Western Bride Romance
: 110
: Fiction : Drama
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Can love win over money? Find out in The Runaway Bride.
Patience was drawn to Sealy from the moment they met. He is a kind and gentle man and they have so much to talk about. Now that he is free to marry she hopes and prays that her father will allow them to wed.
Hunter McKee is a lawyer and he has come to town to collect his bride, Patience, only to find that she is out riding with Sealy.
Threats, angry words, and family feuds will all put pressure on Patience to make a choice that goes against her heart. Can she escape the future that is set before her or will she be destined to marry a cruel and terrible man?
Find out in The Runaway Bride a sweet and inspirational historical western romance by Amazon All Star authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.
This book is part of an exciting new series but each book is a complete story and each can be read alone.
If you missed the first two books they can be found in a special 2 for 1 boxset – No Choice for the Scarred Bride & Two Grooms for Grace
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The Runaway Bride - Patience
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