Using Worry to your Advantage!

Using Worry to your Advantage!
: Altuawn Nelson
: From Nothing to Something
: 46
: Non Fiction : General
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Motivational Speaker, Optioned Screenwriter, and Author Altuawn Nelson offers inspirational quotes to help us get rid of common worries that plague us.
Studies have shown that most of the things that we worry about will never happen. Despite that, we humans tend to get in our own way time and time again- whether it comes to worrying about planning for the future, bad health, our parenting skills, friendships, or engaging in other thoughts that causes us to stress. In Using Worry to Your Advantage, Altuawn Nelson provides practical solution based quotes that you can put to work today. It is a book packed with timeless wisdom that will inspire you to take action against your worries, which will lead to a happier life.

Subject matters include:
Goal Setting
Being too Dependable
Being too Dependent
Fear of Breaking Up
Life After Breaking up

Using Worry to Your Advantage includes a sample chapter and exercise from Altuawn Nelson’s upcoming released book Let’s Get Through This: Conquering Challenging Times!

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