10 Ways to Improve Effective Communication: Including 7 Days Communication Challenge

10 Ways to Improve Effective Communication: Including 7 Days Communication Challenge
: Mark Eddie Simmons, MP Publishing
: 38
: Non Fiction : General
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This book provides ideas and skills on how to develop a normal form of communication in the most effective and efficient way. By using different kinds skills in which you can create messages that are fully understood by the recipient.

It has various forms that are commonly used by people such as verbal (Spoken), Non-verbal (Body language, gestures, and actions) and written form of communication (Text messages, Chat and emails) to provide clear direction, understanding, and objective for other people which we normally use to improve interacting with others and the way we can apply it to work, school, at home and in everyday life.

One of the most important aspects of this book is to provide ideas and techniques on how to effectively communicate with people and pay attention to how they can express their feelings and point of views to life. By expressing the message clearly, there will be no place in any misunderstanding or alteration of a message, which also decreases the chance of misunderstanding for both sender and receiver. In a situation where misunderstandings may arise, effective communication is the key factor to make the situation resolved in a respectful manner.

Mark Eddie Simmons has also made some challenges on how you can improve your communication in just one week. It contains various ways derived from the content of the book that you can use in your daily life. In this way, you can evaluate yourself if you have had a big change after 7 days and what else you need to do next to further improve it.

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