Cowboy Soldier Returns (Browning Brothers Novella Book 1)

Cowboy Soldier Returns (Browning Brothers Novella Book 1)
: Jessa Wayne
: Jessa Wayne Books
: 67
: Fiction : Romance
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Cash Browning left the small town of Rockton seven years ago to join the Army. Now he's back home to help out on the Wyoming family ranch, and it seems like the whole town wants to welcome him back with open arms. Everyone except for the few people whose approval Cash really needs.

Ever since he left, Cash can't get his first love, Carrie Lane, out of his mind. But when he returns home to find that she's dating his older brother, it seems like he's not going to get his second chance at love.

But not everything is quite as it seems to be. Can Cash finally open up about his past in order to heal himself and the people he’s hurt?

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