The Legion and the Lioness (World Apart Book 1)

The Legion and the Lioness (World Apart Book 1)
: Robert D. Armstrong
: Robert D. Armstrong
: 329
: Fiction : SciFi
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They said I would never finish flight school. Never rank at the top of my class. Never fly with the top aces. Never return from combat against the Kelton androids. Never survive emergency surgery. 
Here I am.
The year is 2151, Earth is gone. A hellscape. I've been unfrozen after 72 years of cryosleep on a medical facility on Saturn's moon, Titan. I have nothing, no home, no friends, no concept of this new world, these Titans.
All that remains is the old conflict that has blackened my veins and memories of the ones I loved still fresh in my heart. Forgotten for decades.
But it seems war hasn't forgotten me, no, even in my slumber. My name is Captain Victoria Ann Belic, I was a wife and an ace fighter pilot, and have been revived for one reason--to die again.

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