Dreams Change (A Hidden Beauty Novella Book 3)

Dreams Change (A Hidden Beauty Novella Book 3)
: Mary Crawford
: Diversity Ink
: 96
: Fiction : Romance
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When Tara Isamu O'Brien got married almost ten years ago, she thought everything was perfect. Her life with Aidan O'Brien had given her everything she had ever dreamed of except one thing — a child.

After countless rounds of infertility treatments and devastating setbacks, Tara has discovered that once again her body has betrayed her and stopped working when she needs it the most. She is devastated that she may never be able to realize her dream of being a mother.

Aidan O'Brien can't bear to see his wife so torn up. When Kiera Whitaker, a social worker suggests an orphaned medically fragile child for adoption, he is ready to jump at the chance. He knows from first-hand experience how much one person can impact your life. Yet, Tara is not so sure that she could ever love someone else's child the same as her own.

Can Tara and Aidan accept the fact that dreams change?

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